Ben Tre – a green island in the center of Mekong Delta

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Ben Tre and Ho Chi Minh city are 85km apart toward the West. Ben Tre likes a green island in the center of Mekong Delta and it is the interesting tourism place for ones who love to discovery about coconut land. Come to this place, you will see the coconut trees everywhere. The nature has created the advantage condition for coconut trees grow in Ben Tre. The people live here attaches with the coconut trees from past until now. Therefore, Bentre is called by other name (land of coconut).

Ben Tre – a green island in the center of Mekong Delta

Ben Tre has some ecological areas

Ben Tre has some ecological areas such as fresh water ecological areas including dunes, residental complex along the Tien river, Ham Luong river,…with verdant orchards, flower villages, community tourism sites. Brackish ecological area belonging to Hung Phong village is planning to be a traditional tourist area following to the Southern countryside style. Sea water ecological area has Thoi Thuan beach, Thua Duc beach, Thanh Phong beach and mangrove forest served for research, relaxation and providing seafood.

Recent years, tourism activities in Ben Tre are developing due to innovation in tourist activities and guidelines to improve people’s awareness on natural environment protection. The factors of green, cleanliness, beauty, civilization, safety and friendliness are the first criterions to attract tourists especially the tour to coconut delta islands.

Phun Islet Tourism

There are domestic and foreign visitors choosing Phun Islet for the relax trip and exeorience with the local people. Looking at the map, Phung Islet is located next to Thoi Son Islet – Lan Islet, slanted toward the North is Long Islet, Quy Islet is at the East. They are four islets located between Ben Tre province and Tien Giang province named following to four supernatural creatures Long, Lan, Qui, Phung,… Phung islet has Dao Dua vestige area with area of 1,500 square meter. Some architectural items built by Nguyen Thanh Nam in period of Dao Dua.

This is the yard with 9 pillars carved dragon. Hoa Binh Tower or nine planes of hierarchy where Ong Dao Dua preached. A tripod cauldron carved dragon and phoenix are made by porcelain pieces from bowl, plates or pots. Bentre keeps these architectures to help people understand one-time person who had strange idea: Mr. Dao Dua. Phung Islet has a few habitants, but most of them serve for tourism. Some households sell souvenirs. Some make handicraft from coconut fruit or coconut trunk. Tourist can observe with their eyes artist create skillfull products from coconut trunk and coconut fruits.

Phung Islet was consolidated and formed on the 30th decade of the last century, so there is no ancient house there. However, for tourism, who is interesting in ancient house has brought an ancient house in Long An and rebuilt in here. At the same time, he also buy some precious antiques like marble furniture and plank bed 10 cm thickness display in house to introduce Vietnamese traditional house in Mekong Delta. So that the visitors can understand this house is the typical house of nobiliary class in the past. Trace of period reclaiming Mekong Delta is still kept in the ancient houses in Mekong Delta which are maintained by the latter generations. That is Vietnamese culture still last inside the ancient house with three-compartments and two lean-tos.

Leaving Phung Islet, visitors continue to explore Qui Islet. Two sides of bank have many garden tourist sites. This is the interesting destination of Ben Tre. From My Tho river bank, there are many Tien Giang tourist ship go to Ben Tre also visit here. This is an establishment to make handmade coconut candy. Just visiting one place, tourists know all process of making coconut candy in Bentre and you will enjoy coconut candy immediately after it’s done. More interesting, travellers can enjoy fresh fruit, drink pure honey tea and listen to “don ca tai tu”, a unique traditonal art from of Mekong Delta people and foreign tourists really love this performance.

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