2 delicious dishes are made available in Ho Chi Minh City

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“Bun thit nuong” – The 40-year-old recipe in Ho Chi Minh City. Never-ending patronage from foodies has nurtured this family-owned restaurant. It is only four months since this eatery relocated to Co Giang Street in District 1. But it has been selling the most delicious grilled pork noodles dish for 40 years. Also, “Com tam” – the south Vietnamese broken rice specialty is also very taste that is served many by street vendors.

“Bun thit nuong” – The 40-year-old recipe in Ho Chi Minh City

Making the “bun thit nuong” with all Mrs. Tuyen’s heart

Tuyen, the current owner of the family-owned business, says her mother served the first bowl of bun thit nuong from a basket on a street in District 1 about 40 years ago. Her mom passed down the family recipe and the shop to her around 20 years ago.
After several relocations, the restaurant now stands on Co Giang street, open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Due to high demand, the restaurant has launched a delivery service.

The 40-year-old recipe is a mixture of rice noodles, grilled pork, fried spring rolls and fresh vegetables including bean sprouts, diced cucumber, pickled radish, and chopped lettuce. In order for the meat not to get too dry after it is grilled, Tuyen says she carefully chooses the meat with the right ratio of lean meat and fat. To make sure meat soaks the seasonings, she lets it marinate for at least three hours before grilling it.
The spring rolls are fried to perfection, giving them a golden brown hue. They are crunchy on the outside and moist inside. The place also serves stir-fried beef, which is difficult to find at other bun thit nuong shop. This is a specialty that Tuyen will add it to your bowl on request.

A bowl of “bun thit nuong” is just about $2

The bowl is garnished with seasoned green onions and chopped peanuts to add more texture. But don’t forget the essential nuoc mam sauce, which ties all the components together perfectly. A bowl of assorted bun thit nuong that satiates your taste buds and your stomach costs just VND47,000 ($2.07). Find more delicious food through our Saigon Street Food Tour.

tam” – the south Vietnamese broken rice specialty, where broken rice grains are served alongside lemongrass and garlic marinated pork and chicken. You will fall in love. It is just dish after dish of enjoy here in Saigon. And when there is smoke, you know it has go to be good. As you know, “com tam” – the south Vietnamese broken rice specialty on the street in Saigon. We just stumbled on this one in the back streets, here. Or, you can explore this best com tam by joining to Saigon Street Food Tour. Something good is waiting for you.

“Com tam” – the south Vietnamese broken rice specialty

“Com tam” with “nuoc cham”

You are not sure if this is gonna be excellent or average, but this is the broken rice. The rice, actually, is like split in half. It comes with this grilled chicken and pork and some green onions, a fried egg, some pickled carrot, radish and cucumber. Pour a little bit “nuoc cham” which is quite sweet. The pork is a little dry.

“Com tam” comes with a handful of options

Nowadays, “com tam” comes with a handful of options. One can order com tam together with one, some or all of these: “suon” (grilled pork), “bi” (long slices of seasoned pork skin), trung (one or two omelets), and “cha” (meatloaf with egg yolk, mushroom, bean, meat and seasoning, sliced into small bars). One “com tam” is about $1.07 (VND 25,000).

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