Chau Doc market in the early morning shows us many kinds of dishes

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Chau Doc market is one of the most famous markets in An Giang province. Chau Doc market in the early morning shows us many kinds of dishes. This is where all almost famous specialities of Chau Doc have been gathered together including salted fish stuffs like Vietnamese steamed rice cake and kinds of fish rice noodles. There is a wide range of dishes here. People are very interested in going to the market.

Many bags of paste rice

The market is quite narrow. You can see many bags of paste rice, some of them are made up of sugar, rice, palmyra, pandan leaves are sold here. The price is about $0.5 – $1.8 per each.

Fish rice noodles – a very delicious dish in Chau Doc market

You can see many kinds of vegetables to eat with fish rice noodles. These are beansprouts, common sesban, shaved water spinach. Put these kinks of vegetables in water to stay it fresh. A bowl of fish rice noodle has rice, roasted pork, vegetables, snakehead fish. Add the vermicelli, then add the hot fish soup, put a little fish sauce and chili.

You can feel the slight smell of saffron and lemongrass from the dish and it is so flavorful, not fishy. The shrinkage of the fish is enough, not to soft, serve with rice noodles. Mix them together. The vermicelli with the taste of the soup is really good in the hot fish soup.
People often add a little bit of shrimp paste into it. The shrimp paste will be filtered to have the clear water and they use to cook the soup, so the soup of fish noodles will have a special flavor of shrimp paste. The flavor is not too sweet, it is very tasty. The pork is not too dry and hard because there is grease with it.
In the morning, you enjoy a bowl of fish sauce under a big tamarind here and see the lifestyle with crowded people and sounds. A bowl of fish sauce is just $0.8, the price is reasonable for breakfast. If any of you come to visit Chau Doc, you can stop at Chau Doc market and ask the people here about Di Le’s fish rice noodles soup. Do not forget to try it once. Go to book trip Mekong Delta Cycling Tour, we will guide you to enjoy delicious food.

Sneak fruit (or salak) and Thailand tamarined are being sold in Chau Doc market

In Chau Doc market, sneak fruit (or salak) and Thailand tamarined are very common at Chau Doc market. The cover of the salak fruit is similar to the skin of snakes and it is nutty, sour and sweet. At present, salak fruit is being sold widely in Ho Chi Minh City. It is very popular in Thailand. This one has two sections. Some has three sections and one section. The smell is very aromatic. There is another type of salak that is sour.

A very nice stir-fried baby clams cart

This simple and tasty dish is just $0.5/ a portion. The clams have been fried deliciously. There is the smell of chilli, basic leaves and there is also the smell of fried garlic. It is really good taste. Eat with sour and sweet fish sauce. You can have more fish sauce, depend on your taste. Actually, the clams here is being carefully selected, they are very big. The baby clam meat is soft and similar to the clam meat.

The extract water from the baby clams is very tasty. It can be eaten with boiled rice, very delicious. Usually baby clams have the smell of seaweed, but here, as being fried with chilli and basil leaves. So the actual smell of baby clams is being replaced with the smell of chilli, garlic and basil leaves. If you go to Chau Doc market, you can come here at the intersection of Suong Nguyet Anh street and Tran Hung Dao street, right behind Chau Doc market.

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