Enjoy exotic fruits in traditional market in Mekong Delta

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If you enjoy exotic fruits in traditional market in Mekong Delta, it is a paradise gained. Mekong Delta has many, many kinds of fruit for you. Visit any traditional market here and try out whatever catches your fancy. It boast a wide variety of fruits, there are easily available everywhere. We asked some fruit sellers to show us and many interesting thing about enjoying these fruits. Exploring the tour by booking Mekong Delta Cycling Tour.

Enjoy exotic fruits in traditional market in Mekong Delta

Durian (“sầu riêng” in Vietnamese):

Our advice on this King of Fruits is: do not be put off by the pungent aroma. Take a sharp knife to cut the spiky skin on the sides from the stem. Bite into the custardy flesh and enjoy the heavenly taste.

Pomelo (“bưởi” in Vietnamese):

Pomelo’s juicy, citrusy pulp makes this a very popular fruit. Make several incisions with a sharp knife before peeling the skin off. Remove the memberanes and the transparent layer covering the flesh. Enjoy it!

Jackfruit (“mít” in Vietnamese):

It has a sticky sap inside, so apply a neutral oil to the knife and your hand before you cut the fruit. Prise open, remove seeds and its protective layer. There is a wet jackfruit version and you only need to pull the flesh out with your hand.

Ambarella (“cóc” in Vietnamese):

For this fruit, it is best if you use a peeler. The flesh is crisp and sour when raw and juicy sour-sweet when ripe. Some vender season ambarella with fish sauce, chili and sugar to enhance the flavor. It is a great source for vitamin C.

Rambutan (“chôm chôm” in Vietnamese):

Do not let the hairy, thorny look fool you. You do not even need a knife to get at its soft, lightly sweet with a subtle sourness. A knife would help you, also. Round incision in the middle, not to deep.

Dragon fruit (“thanh long” in Vietnamese):

Although the skin looks beautiful and juicy, it is inedible. Both the white and pink flesh versions are good. Thousands of little, black edible seeds add texture. Cut open and enjoy the inside flesh.

Mangosteen (“măng cụt” in Vietnamese):

Mangosteen has a short season, but you cannot have enough of it. Make an incision with a knife along the equator. Bo not cut into the soft sweet flesh, which is slightly tart and sour.

Custard apple (“mãng cầu” in Vietnamese): Make sure the fruit is ripe and the skin has softened. Put it in your mouth, spit out black seed. Langsat (“bòn bon” in Vietnamese): peel skin with your hands. There is the sticky sap, but the translucent flesh has great texture and taste.

Make your visit a fruitful one by learning to enjoy Vietnam’s tropical offerings the way locals do.

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