Exploring Oc Islet and participating Phu Le Temple Festival

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If you want to experience much more about Mekong Delta’s living, let’s go to Ben Tre provinces and stay here at least 3 days exploring Oc Islet and participating Phu le Temple Festival. Book trip at

Exploring Oc Islet and participating Phu Le Temple Festival

Travelling to discover Oc Islet

Oc Islet is the ancient name because in the past there are many kinds of snail living here especially rice snail when it was just consolidated by silt of Ham Luong River. At that time, some people usually came here to catch snails to sell soits folk name is Oc Islet. After that the Government established a new place name Hung Phong village – the islet was also changed the name Hung Phong islet.

Oc Islet is the biggest islet of 10 islets on Ham Luong river

Oc Islet is the biggest islet of 10 islets on Ham Luong river. Natural area is more than 600 hectare. The North borders Son Phu village, the South borders Binh Khanh Dong village and Thanh Phu Dong village. The East borders Phuoc Long village and the West borders Dinh Thuy village, Mo Cay Nam district.

Ferry is the only vehicle to visit Oc Islet. People here knit bag from coconut stem which is used popularly to hold Tet gift, but no one knows their origin. Women and elder people do it according to each progress. They do it in free time or join in a family. They usually gather in front of the house to do.

People here knit bag from coconut stem

When Tet holiday is coming, people are very busy to knit bagfrom coconut stem. Everyone does this work because it needs amount of money. So that, we can know how useful of coconut tree is. People use all parts of coconut tree from the root to the top. Infrastructure here does not develop, but a trip to Oc Islet is exciting for people loving to travel to remote region.

Participating Phu Le Temple Festival

In Vietnamese people custom, Temple is built to commemorate people deserving well and worship ancestors reclaiming wild land and building the village. Temple Festival is a beautiful culture maintained to present. Vietnamese people have a saying: “no wine is no the ceremony” meaning in a ceremony, wine is necessary. Meaning of “Le” closes to daily life. Therefore, Phu Le village – a place is famous for wine brewery appreciates the offering wine ceremony to Thanh Hoang Bon Canh in Tuc Yet Festival. Because Phu Le people believe that Thanh Hoang Bon Canh reclaimed this place and started the wine brewery.

A legend that Phu Le village in the past was famous for wine brewery. Therefore, the finished wine is pure, transparent and delicious. The fame is widespread and it became the “wine of King” used to reward for mandarines and generals or give a feast to King troops. Toward Phu Le people the wine has the same meaning with Tet Cake, Chung Cake being the result of working, offering for ancestors. Because wine is made from agricultural products such as sticky rice grape, strawberry, yam, corn, so on. Wine must use in parties, worship ceremonies, offering ancestor.

Temple Festival of Phu Le Village

Especially the annual Temple Festival of Phu Le Village – home land of wine brewery with secret recipe which is famous from past up to now. However, there was a period time, wine brewery is nearly lost. Some people left the village, some manufactured perfunctorily and did not pay attention in quality. Artist knowing traditional yeast was passed away because of the old age. Village risked to lose this traditional yeast. However, after that a wine brewery factory founded in Phu Le – Ba Tri, giving a chance to develop the wine brewery, step by step increase the value of Phu Le in domestic and international wine market.

Phu Le – Ba Tri wine branch name

Thanks to modernization of the traditional method, Ben Tre still keeps Phu Le – Ba Tri wine branch name is maintained and brings to domestic and foreign customers. You can visit the tradition wine brewery establishment and modern distillery in Ben Tre is an attracting tour for those who connecting this profession.

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