Five beautiful places in Hanoi that have beautiful views

Hanoi has many beautiful places to visit, from the historical to the cultural. Here is a list of five places most worthy to visit during your trip to Hanoi.

  1. Hanoi’s Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is sometimes known as the lungs of Hanoi, nature lovers will have a chance to sink into the green of the trees and the sounds of the forests. Big and old trees in here have witnessed the vicissitude of Hanoi.

Just right in the center of a loud city, Botanical Gardens has become a tranquil hinterland for people who wish for a getaway to the serenity.

  1. Ngoc Son Temple – Historical remnant of Hanoi

Ngoc Son temple is a temple located on Ngoc Island in Hoan Kiem Lake. Built in the nineteenth century, originally named Ngoc Son pagoda but later changed to Ngoc Son temple because there only Van Xuong De Quan and Tran Hung Dao inside.

When visiting Hanoi, take a walk around Sword Lake and visit Ngoc Son Temple to wish for good luck has been a habit of the people living here.

This Temple is also an attracting destination to international friends, too.

  1. Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature is the most diverse place of Hanoi, located to the south of Thang Long.

This is the first university of Vietnam, which has made it to the list of 23 national heritage. The Temple of Literature consists Ho Van, Giam garden, and Van Mieu.

The Temple of Literature has become the favorite destination of tourists both national and international. This is also where students usually visit to wish for good luck before exams.

  1. Phan Dinh Phung – The road of love

Phan Dinh Phung is a road that has very large pavement with ancient houses that sometimes make people compare it to the roads in Paris.

There are not a lot of street vendors on this street, which makes the street quiet and peaceful, perfect for a date with your loved ones. That’s why it is called the road of love.

  1. Co Loa Citadel

The site is just 17 kilometers from Hanoi. Unlike other cultural sites, Co Loa Citadel is very large in area, this is considered one of the most special places to visit during your Vietnam tours.

Co Loa is not only a cultural site but also the proof of creativity of the ancient Vietnamese during the wars, it offers a lot of knowledge for any tourist who wants to visit here.


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