Get the true feel for the local street food scene in Saigon

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Do you want to get the true feel for the local street food scene in Saigon? If yes, come with Saigon, the home of Southern Vietnamese street food delicacies. As you travel from Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang…down South to Saigon overland, you can find various street foods in each city. So, we came to search street food in Vietnam. If you have much time, just go to hit the street and eat at the random hole-in-the-walls to get the true feel for the local street food scene. There are so much food around.

Get the true feel for the local street food scene in Saigon

A sea of motorbikes in the morning market in Saigon 

First up, you found a huge bustling alleyway morning market offering everything you can image. It is so busy in the morning market. You can see everyone is going somewhere, all these motorbike. Many motorbikes. Maybe it will be amazing before a sea of motorbikes. Most of sellers in the market are women. They are very busy with many activities like greetings, taking goods following customer’s request, changing money, arrange goods, etc.

Enjoying “pho” in the back alleys of Saigon: the local street food scene

If you go deeper into an alley, you can find something to eat. This is where you can find the soul of street food, deep in the alleyways. And this is where you can find the real flavors of the countries you visit. And here, deep in the Saigon streets, you can taste your first bowl of “pho” and be blown away with the flavor. Deep in the back alleys of Saigon we just found a random pho joint. You can put in some hoisin, a little chili, lots of vermicelli rice noodles and some pretty rare beef. That is gonna start the day off right. That is just worth the trip here. That broth is quite peppery and really rich, complex and nutritious. It is very easy for your to find real street “pho”, here.
Soft, creamy, custardy and sweet durian
In the market in Saigon center, you can see many kinds of fruit like durian, the incredibly pungent and stinky fruit that’s banned from many places in Asia for it is distinct stench. It is so soft, creamy, custardy and sweet. You may love it when it’s this solf mushiness. That is the best.

The classic dish named “bun rieu”: the good local street food scene

After that potent, custardy durian, you can continue exploring the market and find another classic dish. The “bun rieu”. A super smooth tomato and crab broth rice noodle soup that is absolutely to die for. It has found over the street corners of Saigon and you will love it on your first sip. There are the vermicelli, the crab cake with some herbs in it, wrapped around a banana leaf. And then, tofu puffs, tomatoes, blood cubes, pork broth. And then here’s the herbs. It is really nice. Adding some basil, banana blossom, bean sprouts. And this is like a fresh water crab base broth. Mix it up, you can just smell the crab. That crab broth is just infiltrating the nostrils. Let us go with you to get the true feel for the local street food scene, book the trip now: Saigon street food tour.

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