Rocket coffee – “It is not rocket science”

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Some people might think that Rocket coffee – it is not rocket coffee. Its adherents will argue that this is the real way to brew coffee. The argument is likely to fall on deaf years in the mordern age. However, there are still some sticking bo brewing coffee with the “racket” strainer which looks like small butterfly net made of cotton or muslin. This precedes phin (filter), the typical flat drip with the tiny metal hat on top that has now become the icon of Vietnamese filters.

Rocket coffee – “It is not rocket science”

It is said that the Chinese people in Saigon is the first to use this method. Now there are only a handful of “racket” coffee cafes left in Saigon. This “racket” café is still in business for more than 60 years in Saigon.

How the racket coffee is made?

1. Put ground coffee into the cloth.
2. Pour boiled water.
3. Let steep for a couple minutes.

How much does a cup of rocket coffee cost?

You can order both regular black coffee or sweeten it with condensed milk. This venerable coffee costs VND15,000 (66 cents) a glass. You might find the taste of “racket” coffee more soothing since it is not as strong as the traditional flat drip decoction. This enchanting fragance of coffee is still preserved. Get a taste of the coffee and a slice of Saigonese history.

Location: 330/2 – Phan Dinh Phung Street – Ward 1 – Phu Nhuan district, Ho Chi Minh City. You can taste the flavor of rocket coffee by joining to Saigon Street Food Tour.

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