Welcome to land of coconut Ben Tre!

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Unique handmade fine arts from coconut, Ben Tre coconut candy, Cai Mon flower village are three of many favorite things that make travellers feeel happy at least once. Welcome to land of coconut Ben Tre!

Welcome to land of coconut Ben Tre!

Unique handmade fine arts from coconut

Anytime coming to Ben Tre, it is easy to find a lovely souvenir made from coconut tree. The coconut products are plentiful and varied in Ben Tre. In the past, people just used coconut trunk to make house or bridge. Today, coconut trunk can be made other things especially kitchen tools like spoon, fork, chopstick,… attracting housewife’s attention. Coconut land’s people with their talent and skillfull hands use coconut tree parts to make useful goods which are cheap and beautiful.

Unique handmade fine arts from coconut

This is a fine art establishment managed by a dynamic young man is making unique products from coconut tree. You can find a set of teapot made from coconut shell of Thanh Liem establishment recognized the biggest teapot made from coconut shell by Vietnam Records. It is displayed at Ben Tre Museum…There are other products made from coconut shell in this establishment. It is one of the biggest establishments at Ben Tre province. Handmade coconut product is the strength of Ben Tre, so in Coconut Festival, handmade handicraft product present mostly in festival.

If visitor buy a private tour……… you can visit house of artists who make music instrument from coconut wood. You can also find out the manner to make music instrument and buy some products not sold at other places for souvenir.

Ben Tre coconut candy

Ben Tre coconut candy

In Ben Tre, people life attaches to coconut. Many people said that Ben Tre people eat coconut, drink coconut water and sleep with coconut. Coconut is everywhere and people use up all coconut parts to made the useful product. First of all, let’s begin from the most valuable part of coconut – coconut fruit the original of famous taste of Ben Tre coconut candy. Thus, we should visit the manufacturing coconut candy establishment. Many establishments invest billions to buy packing machine to compete with other domestic and foreign companies.

Welcome to land of coconut Ben Tre to discover more coconut tree. As many countries said that coconut is “the tree of life” because of their contribution for people life. All its parts are useful. For example, shell of coconut fruit is made teapot container trunk is made household goods such as spoon, fork, chopsticks,…or souvenir. Coconut leaves stems are made bag, flower basket and houses are made from whole coconut tree. Pillars, doors, walls,… are made from trunk, roof is made from leaves anf furniture is also made from coconut.

Strolling at Cai Mon flower village

Cho Lach district where has Cai Mon flower village being famous for growing flower and seed is recognized the largest region providing the cross-breeding fruit-tree in Vietnam as well as an interesting and green place in Ben Tre. From 1990 to present, seed manufacturing develop strongly. In the past, people just knew skin graft, but now they know other form like branch graft, knot graft, sprout graft and it become the main profession in Cai Mon. Come with us to see it by booking trip at:

Cai Mon flower village   

Village grow not only traditional flower such as florist daisy, marigold cockscomb, bougainvillea… but also new import kinds which are difficult to grow. They must be cultivated in cooling chamber to avoid strong light. When blossoming, they cannot bear the rain or hot, so we need to take care carefully to keep flower in long-term. Recently, there is a new formed tree beginning from idea of Mr. Nguyen Van Cong or Nam Cong. He uses ficus tree, Chinese banyan,… to form animal shape describe 12 Chinese Zodiac for business in Tet holiday. This formed tree is applied by 30 gardens with many types and cheap price. Pavillion formed tree is the most popular decorating park, restaurant, hotel because their environment friendliness.

Comparing to other provinces in the Southwest region on tourism point of view, Ben Tre has more advantages. It is cover by 4 lower reaches of Mekong River, has long beaches, mangrove forest, canals, delta island and islets, so the climate is temperate and cool all year around. Therefore, Cai Mon has many orchards. Near Tet Holiday time, rambutan fruit is ripe, the red is cover whole tree, people harvest and sell. This also the land of four season flower. Flower of pot plant and the flower of fruit-tree such as grapefruit, durian, mangosteen, mango, longan…compete to blossom and be fragant throughout Cho Lach- Ben Tre.

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